The road to becoming a Laravel PHP Artisan has begun!

The road to becoming a Laravel PHP Artisan has begun!

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So yeah, I’m starting to learn Laravel. If you Google Laravel, your almost certain to come across Laravel PHP Framework on the first page. It’s widely used amongst PHP developers. There are quite a few frameworks out there such as;

Why should you use a PHP Framework?

I’ll list a few good reasons why every developer should use a framework;

  • Less Code — We don’t want to lots of DRY code.
  • Faster development — we all want to develop something quick & not spend an eternity on doing the basics.
  • Community Support — you’ll be able to collaborate with other developers, or if you have a problem, you’ll be able to post the problem on the support forum(s) and get help.
  • Packages and Utilities — you’ll be able to integrate packages/utilities from fellow developers into the framework.
  • Database Utilities/Migrations — migrate data from your code straight into the database.
  • Authentication — save time writing your own code to process/validate authentications, most if not all frameworks should have this built in for you.

Why do you want to learn Laravel?

The main reason why I want to learn Laravel is because it’s amazing framework packed with so many features that it makes life easier for the developer. I’ve seen first hand at what the developer can do with it and how quickly you can start putting stuff together from logins to dashboards.

A fellow Artisan developer, Ivo Nunes uses Laravel quite heavily and has built some amazing websites with the framework. i was intrigued at how quickly he would go from setting up the database, to the backend of Laravel and then build a front-end on top of the framework at such a ridiculous rate.

I wanted some of that quickness too! So here I am starting this exciting journey, the goal is more than just learning the framework, it’s to build something amazing with it. The possibilities with Laravel is endless. That is the greatest thing about it.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

How do you think you’ll get on?

I feel confident, there are no nerves just pure excitement. I’ve already watched a few tutorial videos on YouTube by Traversy Media so it’s already given me a head start. Brad explains things quite clearly & has loads of web development related videos that you can watch. i definitely will be diving in to those videos once I get to grips with Laravel.

There’s always support and very well written documentation at Laravel so I won’t be lost, there’s always going to be support, whether that’s through forums, social media, in-person, there’s always an Artisan on hand happy to help.

What do you want to take away from this journey?

Firstly, I don’t think this journey will end, it’s going continue regardless, this journey will just continue to grow and the learning growth will just be rising. What I’d like to take away from this journey is to have a PHP framework under my belt/skill set. It can do no harm.

With starting this journey it’ll grow me as a web developer which will ultimately end in me building more than just websites. As a developer you can’t stick to what you already know, you should always be challenging yourself to become a better web developer. My aim is to become a full-stack developer. It won’t be easy but let’s get the journey started.