About Me

MJCoder in an Information Technology services provider agency that has expertise and skills to facilitate complicated business solutions. Here at MJCoder we provide services of all software and web development, creative design, content management solution from the start till end. Our whole process includes design, concept, development, integration, as well as implementation. We have a team of experts and professionals who are working on up to date technologies and techniques with vast skills to carry out website based projects, mobile apps, programming scripting languages like MySql, PHP, Ajax, JQeury, Drupal CMS, Wordpress, and Smarty with web 2.0 standards.

Our Services

  • eCommerce
  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Management Solutions
  • SEO
  • Web Business
  • Creative Design
  • Web 2.0 Interactive Sites
  • Web Maintenance

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to assist companies in thriving and qualitative representation of their organizations on website by means of real understanding their requirements followed by personalized solutions suitable for them. MJCoder main objective is to give a top quality product as well as to keep long lasting connection with our beloved customers.

Our Management

MJCoder is a team of skilled and experienced experts offering an extensive selection of web application and complex software services. Our energetic experts with years of experience are working in virtually all technologies and spheres of Information Technology. We have team lead, project managers, developer, designers, and animators as well as usability professionals who are aware of customer needs. Our expert web developers are highly talented with programming and assure high standards in coding, documentation with expert maintainability facility.

Technically Advance

MJCoder software development products and tools to implement object oriented design and programming. We utilize the most modern and state of the art development technologies and tools on hand on the market at this point in time. We are keeping on rate with the swift evolving program's development abilities and utilize of the internet and multimedia.


The internet allows our expertise to keep in touch with you as fast as if we are your neighbors. Our entire project managers you'll potential intermingle has skills in English language, thus getting rid of language barriers.


Our company are custom build to customer particular needs. We were proven to be capable to react faster and to alter to any modifications or extras given to us at the time of the project.

We work completely for the customer satisfaction. We provide a complete suite of web design consulting, IT consulting, web design and development, internet and custom app development, and other related services under one name. This allows our company to provide the most complete and responsive method towards your plan.

Why Choose MJCoder?

  • MJCoder offers solutions which can place the implementation of technology projects on the right track
  • We have a dedicated team of expert in different areas such as Information Technology (PHP, ASP.Net, WordPress, Shopify, designing, open source integration).
  • We have come forward as the most cost efficient for the solutions it offers
  • We have a higher understanding of the web development processes that are efficient in the technology it offers to company smart software solutions.
  • Those who are searching for affordable and reliable web development partner, MJCorder is among the most excellent accessible.
  • Our consistent and exceptional company models for web development plan are ideal for small, mid-size and large company. We provide lots of cost efficient web development solutions which suit global businesses.
  • Our state of the art web development solutions are completely based on content management, website based apps, listing management and many more which incorporate e-learning, social networking apps, e-commerce solution to name a few.

Our Partnerships

We develop long term relationships with companies from all corners of the world. Those who are searching for reliable custom program development on a long term basis; we are here to provide innovation, committed resource at a very reasonable price.

We Provide Free Estimate

For more information about the exact cost of outsourcing a website or information on what is needed to get the service of expert web developers of website designer, call our company now! We provide affordable pricing without sacrificing the quality of our outsource service.

We can say that we are the best option for companies all over the world when it comes to web development service. Businesses have a bright outlook in MJCoder as we have huge quantity of professional and skilled web development experts. Contact Us! It is our pleasure to help you.